Fight Record to launch HUGE database for Muay Thai

Fight Record to launch HUGE database for Muay Thai

Fight Record is going to be launching a new database with everything about everything relating to Muay Thai.

For a long time, there have been many frustrations (for me) when it comes to locating information on fighters, events, gyms and a few more (that I can’t remember at this time). For a long time there has been an idea floating around Muay Thai Blog HQ but now that Muay Thai Blog and North East Fight Events have teamed up… Fight Record has been born.

It will be some time until the actual website launches because it is going to take some time to build the database of everything that will be going up. But this is really going to be groundbreaking for UK Muay Thai. Fight Record have launched their Facebook Page and their Instagram account too so make sure you head over there to keep up to date with what they are up to.

The website will contain fighter profiles, biographies, fighter record, their gym, fight videos and much more. It will also have an archive of past events and the results from events that have been and gone, coverage of current events that are happening now and also a library of events that are upcoming with their full line-up. It will also be covering every aspect of news and updates relating to Muay Thai in the UK and abroad. It really is going to be AWESOME!

As you can imagine it will take time to collate all of the information and input it into the website but Muay Thai Blog and North East Fight Events are busy at work inputting as much information as we can as often as we can so Fight Record can be released. If you have any information you think might be useful or are a fighter yourself and would like your profile on the website them email and they will get back to you with the specification and information required to have your profile updated on the Fight Record website.

To give you a taste, I have been given a sneaky peak at what the website is going to look like. It is all subject to change as it is still very much in the development stage so take what you see with a pinch of salt, it might not look anything like that when it is released but for now this is what it is looking like.

Fight record screenshot

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