Fight Quality – The go to place for equipment reviews!

Fight Quality – The go to place for equipment reviews online!

These guys have guided me through my last couple of purchases; Fight Quality helped me with the purchase of my last pair of gloves and shin pads. Fight Quality have been there to support my decisions, inform me of what is good and tell me to stay away from what isn’t (in as many words). I’m not talking about someone actually sitting down and telling me what is right or wrong with the piece of equipment I was thinking about buying; more reading through their in-depth reviews to see what might suit me or which styles and brands I should be avoiding.

Fight Quality – Fight Gear reviews

Using their industry wide knowledge to review as many brands as possible, covering the full range of equipment you might want to use during your training; gloves, protection, accessories, equipment and clothing and guest posts from some very well-known people within the industry which are very informative and well worth a read. You can find the blog section of their website here:

They have been around for a little while now and I look forward to seeing where Fight Quality develop their brand. They have recently ran a competition on their social media accounts where you can like and share a particular post about their new t-shirt and you get entered for a chance to win. Here is the post to share so if you want to enter it feel free and be in with the chance for winning one of their super-cool new t-shirts right here.

Enter the Fight Quality t-shirt competition over on their Facebook!


If you would like to see some particular gear reviewed then you can find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and are more than open to new suggestions, I spoke to them about Fightlab equipment and it looks like they are getting something sent through to review and it will be up shortly when they get the post finished. I would love to review products and I wish that I had the time and knowledge to use all the products that are on the market at the moment but I just don’t.

So, rest assured that if you would like to see a very detailed and impartial review of a product that is highly regarded on the market then head over to Fight Quality who will be able to provide with a top class review service that you can share with your friends. While you’re at it, why don’t you head to their shop and buy one of their wicked new shirts so you can be the coolest looking cat around! The link to their homepage is right here for you:

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