Fat Lad to Fighter: Fight announcement and Jodie Clunan collab

Fat Lad to Fighter: Fight announcement and Jodie Clunan collab

Woo hoo! After the success of my previous fight on the 20thJuly, I am straight back into camp and knocking on the door of my peers to begin pushing further than we have ever pushed before. 

I am really enjoying training at the moment. After starting my new job and adapting to working full-time and then training on top of that, getting ready for my fights have become priority. I am currently 3 fights deep and have culminated a total of around 11 minutes in the ring.

Frankly put, this is not enough. I have set myself a goal and target of 10+ fights and I will be ready to achieve this within two years. I am making good progress, within a year I am hoping to have totalled up between 4 or 5 fights which will be quite good going for me. 

The last time I wrote on Muay Thai Blog I was talking about giving promotional content a pish within Muay Thai and seeing how I could develop my business and integrate it to make a full-time job within the sport that I love so much.

One thing I came to realise trying to do this, is that the good things take time. I want to concentrate on fighting and to enable me to do that, everything else needs to be easy. No worries about where money is coming from, no worries about keeping food coming in, work coming in, managing and growing a business… all take time and effort to do. 

Prior to preparing for fights, I would be able to finish work at 5, head to the nursery, get my boys, take them home, feed them, play and mess about for a bit before getting them ready for bed and doing bed time. This was the highlight of my day.

Now, I don’t get that luxury. I go straight to the gym from work, not back in until around 9pm usually. After being out of the house from 8am, maintaining a level of enthusiasm and motivation to write and edit content isn’t high on my list of things to do when I get home. 

My prior involvement in the sport meant that during the day I would work my normal job, go home and dive straight into whatever was on the schedule for that day. Now, throw training into the mix and the consistent depletion of my energy stores has proven too much for my ability to then get home and continue working. 

That being said, I am very much enjoying where I am at within Muay Thai at the moment. I know I am here for the long game and my intentions within the sport are genuine so, I’m looking forward to seeing where the adventure will take me. 

Which leads me to the point of this article. My next fight. 12thOctober. I am fighting a guy from Bolton, who trains at a gym called Adrenaline Muay Thai. He’s had three fights. That’s all I know. That’s all I need or want to know to be honest. Tickets will be £20 from me. If you would like one, drop me a message on social or email me, I would be more than happy to sort it out for you. 

This week, I am going to be still enjoying myself and my food, training 4 days this week and being laxed on the diet means I can enjoy the finer (sugary) things in life before ramping things up as we get closer to fight night. 

I am going to be working with Jodie Clunan on the run up to this fight in the hope that I can really get my diet and nutrition under control and keep consistent with it to get me to a place where I am not having to go to the sauna or cut any water weight. From what I have seen and the people whom I have spoken to about her and her plans, they have all spoke incredibly high of her and what they have managed to achieve with the plans when they stuck to it. 

I am currently going through the process of getting the plan arranged and she has been fantastic with the initial gathering of the information, I will send that over to her, send the payment and eagerly await my new diet plan to come within 48 hours. 

I am also arranging an interview with her to get to know a little more about her, her upcoming fights, how she got into the nutritional side of the sport and where she hopes to be able to take this over the next couple of years. 

As always, thanks for reading, you’re all awesome! Here is a video of my most recent fight. It was on the Legions event in York. It was a mixed event of MMA, K1 and Thai. Hosted in a cage under the name of ‘Hostile,’ it was a very well put together show and ran incredibly smoothly. 

We, as fighters, were looked after very well and my first impression of the ICO were that they were very professional and informative. Having never fought on a show sanctioned by the ICO, I am always keen to learn and understand their way of operating and scoring. 

Without droving on too much, sitting at nearly 1000 words deep (well done for getting this far), if you would like to come and watch me fight then get in touch. You can find me across social media through searching “Fat Lad to Fighter” and I will come up. 

If you know of someone who has a story to tell or if you have gone through something similar to me and lost weight with the view to compete in Muay Thai or are actively competing and you have an upcoming fight, then drop me a line, more than happy for you to use this platform as a way to help you promote yourself.

Thank you for the continued support. You’re all awesome and I am very much looking forward to bringing you on an exciting journey into the life of a Muay Thai fighter!

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