DUEL Muay Thai Elements – A Roaring Success!

DUEL Muay Thai Elements – A Roaring Success!

DUEL VI: Strikeforce and DUEL Muay Thai Elements

Now that DUEL Fight Sports’ DUEL VI: STRIKEFORCE has come to an end. I have had time to sit and think about what went down including that of DUEL Muay Thai Elements. What a cracking night it was. The NE6 Suite was packed to the rafters with spectators coming from many different disciplines. A fantastic night of K1, Boxing and Muay Thai has fight fans on the edge of their seats all night!

DUEL Muay Thai Element Northern area title belts with other belts too
Various title belts that were up for grabs

First up was Darius against Ross and what a great fight that was. To say for an N-Class bout, a whole load of skill was shown from these two. Darius, from Northern Spirit in Manchester was the better man on the night and took the win. Both fighters showed great skill and grit and I am sure that a lot of great things will come to both of them in the future!

Darius said this about his fight last night: “I won my fight comfortably in my opinion by unanimous decision giving the guy 2 8 counts in rounds 2 and 3 and only taking the fight on 3 days notice”

Cracking head-kick from Darius in DUEL Muay Thai Elements
Cracking head-kick from Darius

The next Muay Thai bout was Kristian vs Matthew. Again, another fantastic fight. Kristian did great against Matthew from Millennium. Kristian looked incredibly sharp, with his kicks ringing through the NE6 Suite. He was the smaller of the two but that definitely didn’t affect the outcome of the fight. Kristian was just too strong!

Last but by no means least was Cody Ditcheva vs Kevin Carr. Now this was a corker! Cody put on a brilliant display of Muay Thai. The Northern Spirit lads definitely did their gym proud. A technical display from Cody enabled him to easily take the win after the fight went the distance.

Steve Wright did a fantastic job with matching these fighters, hats off to him in matching for DUEL Muay Thai Elements. I bumped into him and he had said that it was nice that everything was running smoothly. I am excited to see Steve working more closely with DUEL in the future to bring the viewers more of what they want… Muay Thai!

I streamed it live (first time streaming anything), on Facebook and it was actually a hit. It has since had over 1000 views now and has been shared multiple time. You can head over to Facebook and check them out here and let us know what you think!

There were some big names there last night that are well known in the Muay Thai world, some of them there to be in the corner of their men, some of them to judge fights and some of them there to enjoy the fights. Names such as, Mick Terrill, Reece McAllister, Rich Cadden, Steve Long, Craig Jose and the list could go on!

DUEL Fight Sports will go from strength to strength, I have not a shadow of doubt about that. I met David Weild, the promoter of the event and got speaking about his future plans for the DUEL brand and I look forward to working again with Dave in the not too distant future as what is coming is going to be off the hook! I feel very lucky to be part of the debut of DUEL Muay Thai Elements too.

If you would like to keep up to date with DUEL you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I am sure they will be uploading the videos of the fights very soon and I will update the post with the videos as and when they come but until then head over here:

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