DUEL Grand Prix – Preview and Running Order

DUEL Grand Prix – Preview and Running Order

DUEL Grand Prix is making their name known with a show that is going to blow the roof off the Walker Activity Dome in Newcastle this coming Saturday 4th February. They have a very exciting show lined up for  everyone boasting two 4-Man Tournaments with men who are going to put their bodies on the line and  potentially have to fight twice in one night for their chance in a winner takes all jackpot! There is loads of talent on this show both very experienced and seasoned fighters through to up comers wanting to get their name shown to the international audience.

DUEL GP have been busy securing the most fantastic fantastic partners ready to give the people what they want. A night of not only world class Muay Thai and K1 action but it will also deliver a fantastic night out in one of the Europe’s most sought after locations for a fantastic night out. Here you can see a promotional video that was released at the weekend featuring all of the partners that are on board with the show and what you can be in for this weekend in Newcastle:

Now you have seen what’s in store for you  when it gets  to the fights. Below is a full line up of the show running from the first fight at the bottom and the last fight at the top. DUEL Grand Prix posted a that they have a talent scout coming over from Iridium Sports agency in America. These guys are the real deal, they represent fighters that fight on the biggest shows in the world, UFC, Glory, Bellator among more! The person that will be giving them the opportunity is named, Jason House and can be seen here saying how excited he is to come over and find some fresh new talent that he will be able to put on the world map!


DUEL Grand Prix – 4th Feb 2017

Running order

Sponsored by BADBOY GYM  61kg A Class 4man final 3x3min
Winner semi final 1 v Winner semi final 2

  Sponsored by BADBOY GYM  95kg+ K1 4man final 3x3min
Winner semi final 1 v Winner semi final 2

 69kg A Class Muaythai 5x3min
Maryport Dragons – Jackson Barkhouse v Alex McGregor – SMTC

61kg A Class Muaythai 5x3min
Phoenix Muaythai – Jordan Williams v Gary Laws – Northern Kings

 83.2kg Pro K1 Duel Title 5x3min
The Manor – Steve Ibbetson v Ashley Gibson – Exile Gym

Draw to be done at weigh in
Sponsored by BADBOY GYM  61kg A class 4man tournament semi final 3x3min

Lookborai – Mo Abdurahman

The Knowlsey Academy – Kris pearson

POS Fight Team – Chris Shaw

SCA – Adrian Maxim

Draw to be done at weigh in
Sponsored by BADBOY GYM 95+kg K1 4man tournament semi final 3x3min

Fight Science – Dawid Zoltascek

KO Bloodline – Kaz Mwamba

Black Widow – Correy Robbins

Northern Kings – Lukasz Lehman


50kg B Class Muaythai 5x2min
Phoenix Muaythai – Leigh Newton v Lauren Silence – Lookborai

68kg Pro K1 3x3min
The Manor – Wayne Lewis v Rob Zabitis – Southport

75kg Pro K1 3x3min
David Sa Gym – Bart Horvath v Jack Bullock – Northern Kings

72kg Pro K1 3x3min
Loose cannons – Jake Mcintyre v Joe Johnston – The Manor

65kg K1 Semi pro 3x2min
Maryport Dragons – James Atkinson v Anth Hollis – The Manor

83kg K1 Semi pro 3x2min
Bullwell Academy – Ben Hubble v Stevie Morton – Northern Kings

65kg K1 Amateur WKA Title 3x2min
Kleu Ling – Micheal Mctavy v Pete Hymers – Millennium

65kg N Class Muaythai 3x2min
Aberdeen Muaythai – Ellie Burr v Lauren Ingram – Northern Kings

 66kg K1 Amateur 3x2min
Kleu Ling – Matty Carrick v Will Heslop 66kg UNITY K1 3×2 shins

 62kg K1 Amateur 3x2min
Kleu Ling – Nicole Wood v Jess Dunbar – Wolf

There you have it the full line up to the upcoming show on Saturday 4th February in Newcastle upon Tyne. Tickets can be found right here at the Skiddle site.

One way or another there will be reasons for you to get your tickets and come down to DUEL GP if its not only for the fights and you want to be given the chance to carry your night on post-event then this is your opportunity. DUEL Grand Prix are sure that everyone will be putting on an absolute show for the audience and Jason House the Iridium Sports agency representative that is coming over from America. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be one of the only ones not there, witnessing history being made!

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