Don’t let it slip! Time for action

Don’t let it slip! Time for action

Man. We’re now heading, with speed, into March. I can’t quite believe it. Time actually flies. Back at the end of November when I was nearing my fight weight, people would ask me, “so will you fight again?” “Will you try and keep the weight off once you’re finished?”

I answered very much in my style… ever the optimist. I said I would love to fight again and that I would be sticking around 79kg after the fight. Baring in mind that I had to get through my fight, after my fight it was Christmas (the season to be FAT!) and then I had to start and get my new business, Magic Mouse Media off the ground.

So here we are, nearing the end of February and this morning I did the dreaded task of stepping on the scales. I fought at 73kg. The day after my fight, I had cut a lot of water weight so I topped myself back up to around 78/79kg. Today, I am sitting at 83.5kg and Fat Lad 2.0 begins.

There were a lot of mistakes made in the last camp. I didn’t train as much as I could have done, I was lax on my diet and I just felt that I could have done so much more to better prepare myself. Which leads us again, to today.

I went for my first run of 2019. I did 4km in 22mins. When I started Fat Lad to Fighter I was 97kg and couldn’t get to the top of my street without being out of gas and nearly dying. It was evident that I had set a good foundation to work from. When I was out on my run today, I did the full 4km without stopping and really being out of breath which I was very happy about.

I will be making my appearance back to Northern Kings tonight and see where this year takes me. I have set some goals to achieve before the end of the year and I will make the switch again now to make shit happen. I am very much in the mindset now to make 2019 the year of the Fat Lad. I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder.

I know I made such good progress last year losing all this weight and stepping into the ring but I feel the calling, drawing me back. Being so immersed in the sport, it’s important for me to push and test myself. I mean, I’m 27 now (turning 28 very soon!) and I want to, while I am still young enough, to test myself. I watched my fight back the other day and really REALLY got the itch to get back in.

I feel like I have so much more in the bank to let loose! I feel like I could have listened so much better in my fight but I have been told it isn’t easy for your first fight to listen so much to your corner. You just go into survival mode. Give it a watch and let us know what you think :).

Fat Lad… Out!!!

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