Domestic fights of 2020… Who do you want to see?

Domestic fights of 2020… Who do you want to see?

So, 2020 is now upon us. We have a couple of weeks until the fight calendar really hots up again and fighters will be primed and ready to go to war on the event across the country. The reason for this article is to ask you a question in hope that you will answer it and let people know some of the amazing fights we have the great pleasure of been held in anticipation for.

Which domestic fights would you most like to see in 2020?

Personally, there are so many great fights that could happen domestically with a lot of availability for a change in the rankings. After seeing Jack Cooper throw down at Victory 5 against Jack Maguire, I would love to see him fight again.

Liam McGrandles vs Jack Kennedy would be an absolutely amazing fight. I know that was matched to happen on Victory but (I think) Jack was injured and was unable to fight for that one. It would be a great fight between Jack and Liam!

There was a poll put in the Thai Fighter UK Facebook group not so long ago and the clear winner (by roughly 20 votes) was a fight between Jack Cooper and Liam Nolan. Other fights nominated were Jacob Smith vs Tam McCourt, Niall Brown vs George Jarvis and Amy Pirnie vs Dani Fall.

I am sure that some of these fights will and will not happen this year… whatever happens, on the back of last year and the exciting fights we saw happen on our shores, it will be a very exciting year with 23 events already published and submitted to the Thai Fighter group between now and May. Fans will definitely not be short of an event to go to.

Let us know your most anticipated fight of the year for 2020. Who would you most like to see throw down?

So many options I can’t decide on just one haha

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