Dan McGowan interview with MTBUK

Dan McGowan interview with MTBUK

Dan McGowan interview with MTBUK

This young man needs no introduction. Having been on the Muay Thai scene for around a decade but in that time, Daniel McGowan has achieved what some only dream to be able to do. Fighting on the biggest and most well known stages like Lumpinee and Rajadamnern he is no stranger to fighting top tier opponents.

Already achieving stardom on the international stage he is wanting to solidify his legacy by taking the wins against the biggest and best names there is at his weight. YOKKAO will be giving him that opportunity come the 25th March to fight Rungnarai, who is currently ranked number one in the Thai stadium of Rajadamnern. This is going to be an epic challenge for Dan but one that he will be sure to step up to.

Rungnarai is the latest addition to the Thai YOKKAO Fight Team and will be looking to come over and make his place known as the number one but it will be no easy task. Both of these young men will be putting on a Muay Thai spectacle for the fans in Bolton.


Dan is such a genuine lad and this is what he has to say about his fight career so far, where he sees himself developing and what has been the highlights of his journey:

“I started doing Tae Kwon Do at age 4/5 and was getting told off for hitting too hard in competitions so started off at a friend’s Kickboxing school around 9 years old and then started strictly Muay Thai properly at age 11.

I love the buzz and the feeling of achieving something and to be honest I want to be known as the best European Muay Thai fighter and I don’t plan on stopping until I do that! I’ve had 32 fights 26wins 5losses 1draw and I am MTGP World Bantamweight champion and UK Number 1 Super Bantamweight.

The biggest challenge has been my trainer, Liam Robinson, passing away. He helped me with everything was the best trainer and took me to another level, trying to move on after he passed was hard trying to settle at any other gym was always going to be a struggle because the kind of trainer fighter/friendship bond we have doesn’t come around often. My biggest accomplishment must be fighting in Lumpinee and Rajadamnern as a sponsored fighter for Petchyindee Academy fighting on the main card of one of the biggest promotions in Rajadamnern “Petch Viset”

2016 has been okay I fought for the ISKA Bantamweight world title in Tokyo in January and I got robbed on points. I then won against one of Americans best, Victor Saravia, and then won the MTGP World title against a French lad, Madiale Samb! I then lost against Ja Kiatphontip, on points, in what people say was one of the most exciting fights of the year. I’m improving loads every fight and am happy at how things are now the only way is up! I’ve signed 2 fight deal with YOKKAO, so will be fighting Rungnarai in March and then another massive name in October. I’ve also signed to fight Ryan Sheehan on, Andy Howson’s, SO8 promotions in August and I’m hoping to fight in Thailand and a few other countries in between them times. I want to fight the best Bantamweights in the world which I will be doing. I’d like to rematch Ja, it was a really exciting match for everyone and I know I can win the fight. The loss was a great learning curve but I think I know what to do next time!!

I want to be up there and talked about with the likes of the Liam Harrison’s or Jordan Watson. I don’t want to be anything but the best, I just want to travel the world fighting and enjoying the ride.

Dan-McGowan-interview-muay-thai-blogNot many promotions bring these top ranked Thai’s over and I think the only promotion who does in the UK is mainly YOKKAO and this is the kind of level I’d like to fight at. There is no other fighter my weight who can fight at this level in the UK and YOKKAO have seen that and given me a massive opportunity to fight these guys. If I beat any of the names YOKKAO are giving me I will be known as one of the best and that’s what I’m striving for.

Like I said they are one of the only promotions that bring over the cream of the crop Thai’s they have promoted their brand/promotion really well by putting on the best international matches and in my opinion the fights are what people are paying to watch, YOKKAO’s matches are always great and the regular person outside of Muay Thai could possibly even like watching the fights at that kind of level!

I would like to say a big thanks to Parnpetch Rirom taking me under his wing for 8/9 years now and sticking by me, to all my supporters who come every time to the fights and are the loudest supporters by far I’ve ever heard. Also, my girlfriend and family and friends for sticking by me and understanding the sacrifices I must take doing this sport.”

Daniel is a true gentleman and you can follow his progress by liking his page on Facebook. It does take a special kind of person to dedicate their lives to putting themselves on the line for the entertainment of others and this young man will certainly be around for a long time yet.

I would like to thank Dan McGowan for the interview. I wish him all the best in his future of fighting and I hope that we can have a catch up in the not too distant future! Thanks again mate! You can see Dan in action here taking the win over Renaud Gurgui-Halsdorff to be crowned MTGP Bantamweight World Champion!!


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