Craig Jose wins his comeback fight!

Craig Jose wins his comeback fight!

Craig wins his comeback fight!!

As some of you may know, I train at Craig’s gym, Northern Kings, in Newcastle. He retired just as I began  training in 2014. Earlier this year it was announced that he was coming out of retirement because he had got the itch back and wanted to be back fighting again! Upon speaking to him he mentioned that when he retired ‘the fire’ was burning as strong as it once did but now it was back burning stronger than ever!

This is something I was so excited about because I would have always loved to see him fight. Today that was fulfilled. Granted it wasn’t in person (that comes later in the year) but it was a live stream of his fight in Thailand on the ‘SUPER MUAYTHAI’ show on WatchPoint.

He went out to Thailand a few weeks ago to train at Sitsongpeenong and shed his ‘ringrust’ ready for his bigger challenge later in the year. Sitsongpeenong is in Bangkok and has trained some killer fighters.What better way to get back into it than go to somewhere as established as there?

When he posted that he was fighting on the show, I was so excited. Even more so when a live stream of it was posted on the NK group Facebook.

The fight

Craig fought a German guy. What a bloody fight it was! Craig cut him in the first round with some devastating elbows. He looked very comfortable in the first and second but he hurt his foot at some point and had to change his game plan. He went on the back foot, let his opponent come to him and countered his attacks. In my opinion, Craig took every round, the highlight for me was he was in the corner and the German was kicking him and Craig was just checking the kicks, signalling him to just keep on going.

It wasn’t necessarily an easy come back fight for Craig but it definitely is going to set him up for his upcoming fight later this year which is going to be one hell of a challenge! He made this look easy and I am keen to get his opinion on how he think it went. He will be enjoying the feeling of winning again, I can imagine, while travelling back home tomorrow and spending time with his family.

A massive well done and congratulations to Craig, I am buzzing he has come back with such style! I look forward to catching up with him when he is back on UK soil and has had time to chill out a bit! A superstar and incredibly down to earth, no shit, kind of guy.

Here you can see his most recent tutorial that he did with Warrior Collective that went live this week. Head over to our Facebook and see the fight that we uploaded there, I might attach it to this article when it uploads!

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