Chris Shaw beats Stephen Meleady at POS home show in Glasgow

Chris Shaw beats Stephen Meleady at POS home show in Glasgow

Chris Shaw beats Stephen Meleady at POS home show in Glasgow

Last night saw Chris Shaw and Stephen Meleady go head to head in a rematch that has been in the making since these two last met on the YOKKAO stage two years ago. There was a bit of unfinished business with this fight as many people had seen the fight lean more towards Shaw or at least a draw but on the night, Meleady was given the win. Both of these lads have since gone through an evolution and have developed and grown as fighters.

When asked about how training had been going for this fight, Shaw said, “I trained my arse off for this! I won the fight quite comfortably not even using my boxing which is one of my strongest weapons. I don’t think anyone can say I never won this fight! I used my range well and fought smart with no emotions.”

This is a fight that has been anticipated for some time now and social media has been alight with people talking about who will win come fight night. In true Shaw fashion, he took to social media on the run up to this fight and has made his opinion known, that he is too fast, too smart, too strong and he was going to ‘knock him the fuck out.’ The full fight is yet to surface but through research it is apparent that Shaw was just too much for Meleady and was the better fighter on the night.

Chris Shaw wins POS24 against Stephen Meleady

There must have been added pressure going into the fight and Chris Shaw had this to say, “There’s was a shit load of pressure on me. I talked shit for months saying how it would be a different fight and how much I had improved and how easy I would beat him. Everyone was waiting for me to fall flat on my face and give me the chat shit get banged patter”

Meleady is currently ranked No. 2 in the UK and No. 10 at Lumpinee stadium in Thailand just goes to show that he is no mug. Training out of Bad Company Gym in Leeds, since making the move over from his home country of Ireland Meleady has began to really show what it takes to be mixing it with the best of the best. Shaw was ranked No. 3 in the UK but has since moved up to claim the No. 2 spot that Meleady had a grasp on. Having already fought already this year, Shaw has now paved the way for a very successful 2017.

After his win against Meleady, this pushes Shaw into the No.2 spot in the UK now and Shaw spoke about how this makes him feel, “It feels great I’m the most active in my division and fighting up heavier weights and not sticking to just 1 division. I want the No.1 spot and have done since I first walked into the gym 6 years ago. I plan to be the No.1 at 61.5kg and 63.5kg!”

In February, we saw him fight twice in one night at the DUEL GP 4-Man Tournament, beating both Adrian Maxim and Mo Abdurahman to take the win, the purse and the DUEL Tournament belt home. His next announced venture in the ring will be on the POS stage again and will be in an 8-Man Tournament against some of the top names in the UK and Europe at the moment. Seven of the names have been released and Power of Scotland owner and promoter, Gary O’Brien took to social media and said, “With still one addition to be made and a while to the tournament I’m sure the lineup will change. I’ve done quite a few tournaments and know how to keep them alive and I will promote each entrant in the coming months, but if the past tournaments have been anything to go by, put 25th Nov in your diary’s, especially with the existing history between some of these guys already”

Liam Brough, Andrew Miller, Craig Dickson, Nathan Bendon, Mo Abdurahman and Power of Scotland’s own, Chris Shaw all on the roster to compete for the 10k purse and the tournament belt, there will most definitely be fireworks exploding and MTBUK will be making the journey up the road to watch some of the best talent go to war!

Chris Shaw is yet to be beaten on the POS home show, this may just be his biggest challenge to date but he seems confident going in, “The 8 man is huge!!! Not a single weak link in the tournament. Gary, my coach, wanted the best of the best. He asked the top 6 in the 63.5kg division and asked the top 4 61.5kg fighters. The final 8 are the people who wanted in and are willing to risk it all for the belt and the prize money. As for the biggest challenge, I’ll fight any of them in any order I’m the guy they want to be worrying about!”

Speaking about time between now and November Shaw mentioned that he does have a couple of fights lined up but was unable to announce them because they were yet to be announced by the promoter, “(I have a) Few fights lined up before November but can’t say a word till they’re announced. Massive fights though so watch out!” 

Chris Shaw wins POS24 against Stephen Meleady

During the fight Shaw took Meleady’s back while clinching and took the frustrated Irishman for a ‘Thai Ride,’ spectators took to social media sharing what happened and when we spoke about the goings on Shaw said, “We’re always having a laugh in the gym doing it so it’s just normal to do it when you get someone’s back. After I gave him the Thai ride and he threw a scummy elbow when we got broke up I knew he was mentally broke, I had him!” 

You can see the frustration with Meleady but Shaw was able to take advantage of his frustrations and play that to his advantage. Class act by Shaw now claiming the UK No.2 spot. He said his aim is to become the UK No.1 at both 61.5kg and 63.5kg, it will be interesting to see if Shaw and Bendon meet at the tournament in November. UK No.2 vs UK No.2…. Who’s your money on? Let us know!

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