Brad Stanton talks fight with Stephen Meikle

Brad Stanton talks fight with Stephen Meikle

Brad Stanton talks fight with Stephen Meikle (and fight video from Facebook!)

MTBUK and Brad had chance to catch up before his fight last night with Stephen Meikle which he went on to win by KO in the 2nd round. He was cool and calm in the hotel room when we chatted, little to be known to us that he would end the fight in such a destructive manner. Below is the text he sent me in answer to the questions I asked him but you can find the full interview in video format below too!

“Well I felt on top of the world mate I trained hard and I felt good… Unfortunately I got caught… el sparko’d by the French lad. Seems I don’t have much luck with the French, from knees to the face while I slide down the ropes to getting caught lucky. It happens. Onto the next one. I feel great, I’m happy, I’m going in there to do my best, obviously I’m going to try my best to bring the result home but I finally realised that Kiatphontip is my family. And they’ve supported me so well! Last year had some ups and downs. No excuses, shit happens but 2017 is the year of Kiatphontip. For years we’ve never backed down from a fight and we won’t stop doing that, now, I think I say that for the whole of Kiatphontip! Our future is bright!

Stephen is tough, he’s a clincher. We have our game plan! Sometimes the brain is the strongest weapon! A plan can be made but to be successful there has to be numerous plans and that’s what we have. I’m nothing special and any fight can go either way but if I listen to my corner and use their experiences as well as mine well, what can go wrong? I’m going straight back to the gym after my fight! Every fighter has injuries and some may hold me back but I have to keep learning and become the best I can be.

I can only do that by getting back to it ASAP. Tuesday night though I’ll be having a cocktail with my beautiful mrs and a little boogie as she is my biggest fan and she has put up with so much crap from me 😂 (thanks kimbo) there’s plenty of fights planned and there’s more coming through so just keep an eye out for the official posters! I’ll be in action for sure! Well I wouldn’t say “if” Muay Thai is becoming more popular by the day and I am grateful for that it’s going bigger and bigger! When people do want to learn this spectacular sport well they can message me on Facebook (personal page or athlete page), Instagram or Twitter.

A nugget of knowledge, too many people think and think and think until the spark they had to give Thai Boxing a go, eventually fades out. Just jump! Say yes, we’ve all got a choice in life and if you choose to dwell on it, well, it may never happen or you can jump! Jump up them stairs to Kiatphontip and come learn from the best! If you aren’t in Leeds, well I’d be happy to help you out and advise you to go to a gym in your area who have vast knowledge of Muay Thai! Just drop me a message.

I’d like to thank everyone at Kiatphontip. People who appear in the crowd sometimes don’t understand what goes on behind the curtain! People in the gym do, they see (I speak for not only myself but for every fighter in Kiatphontip) a fighter get dragged back up after been thrown around in clinch, swept all over and pushed to the point we can no longer stand up, as we’ve kicked that many times.

I would like to thank Simon, Jompop, Ja and Maria for the vast amount of knowledge they teach me! They all have so many qualities and bits of everything piece together to make that “perfect” fighter! King Koby chop shop & apparel, ShotzPower, Harvey Anderson – the movement doctor, cryotherapy uk for the support they give cause they understand that chasing a dream is hard and they support me but they all look after me and respect that I’m never going to give up. There is my family and my partners family who support me.

My partner’s mum and dad let me stay over their house last night and picked me up from the station, they even woke up to make sure I left the house at 5:40am to catch my plane this morning. I’ve had messages to see how I am and they really care. Most importantly, some may call this soppy, some may call this just being a gentleman. I want to thank My partner in crime little Kimbo slice! (nickname) She’s dealt with everything from concussions, sitting in the sauna with me to prepping my meals & even helping me walk after fights, she stayed by my side when travelling the world, she has never stopped believing in me.

Tomorrow I fight for her, she is the one who pushes me on and motivates me! Thai boxing is always first in her eyes!”

Massive Well done to Brad stopping the fight in such fantastic fashion, catch the interview below!


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