Brad Stanton interview from Tankō Main Event

Brad Stanton interview from Tankō Main Event

Brad Stanton interview from Tankō Main Event 14th May 2016

Here is another fantastically down to earth and humble guy. Brad Stanton is possible one of the most genuinely exited guys I have ever met. You could tell his passion for the sport from the off. I caught up with Brad in the audience as he arrived at the USN Arena on Saturday and explained that I would have having a catch up with him a little later after his fight.

At that time I thought it was a perfect opportunity to grab a quick selfie with him:

Brad and myself
A quick selfie with Brad and me

You can tell that he loves the sport. From the moment he began back when he was 13 right through to now, he has fought on the biggest shows in the UK and made his mark again upon his return from a 6 month venture out in Australia. He took the win at The Tankō Main Event at the weekend by second round TKO and what a demolition it was.

We touched upon how he got into Muay Thai, his time in Aus and also what his plans are for the future. I really did enjoy talking to Brad, he was very easy to talk to and he, like me, loved sharing his story which made it a very comfortable experience!

I wish Brad Stanton all the best with his future fights, I am sure he has a very bright future ahead of him in the sport! I would like to thank him for taking the time out to stop and have a chat with us here at MTBUK and I would love to have another catch up with him in the future. I was talking to him about popping down to the gym he trains at (Kiatphontip) with Jompop and his wife Maria for a MTBUK on tour article which will entail going for a training session, seeing what they get up to in a training session all while getting it on video and having a chat with everyone there. What would people think of that?

A massive thank you again to the Tankō team and The Main Event for letting MTBUK there as a member of the press team, I had such a good time and learned so much about what it is I need to do in terms of developing my interview techniques and growing MTBUK as a brand. Remember to head over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and give us a like/follow/subscribe to keep up to date with the coming interviews from The Tankō Main Event at the weekend!

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