Andy Lofthouse interview from #TTME2016

Andy Lofthouse interview from #TTME2016

Andy Lofthouse interview from #TTME2016

So again, here we are with another fantastic interview from The Tankō Main Event at the weekend. I was looking forward to catching up with Andy Lofthouse, especially when I had heard the result of the fight I was keen to get his thoughts on it and what was next for him as a fighter.

I was surprised to hear that he lost against a very keen and hungry opponent Shane Farquharson, Andy thought he did enough to take the win on the fight but as he said in the interview; “Never leave anything down to the judges.”  

I enjoyed catching with with Andy Lofthouse here, I was quite excited to get to speak to him about his controversial posts on Facebook and what he thinks when one of his posts are made. I also wanted to know what was next for him as I had seen that there was a transition into MMA on the cards and I know that he has been training in it so I was really wanting to know whether he was serious about it too!

Andy is an interesting fighter to watch, he is quite unorthodox in his style and he mentions this in the interview, where he says something along the lines of, when he is ‘off balance’ thats where he wants to be, he purposely is ‘off balance’ and that’s why he feels that Thai has offered everything that it can for him up to now.

I think Andy will be a miss in the sport when he transitions over, I will definitely be keeping a track of his progress as an MMA fighter, and we over at MTBUK wish him all the best in his future, I am sure he will do brilliantly well! Thank you to Tankō and The Main Event for linking us up, hopefully we will get to catch up again sometime in the future and also, thanks to Andy who took the time to have a chat with us too!

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Enjoy the interview!

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  1. […] Thank you to Panicos Yusuf for taking the time out to have a chat with us, I really do hope we can catch up again sometime in the future, whether it be at an event or just a catch up in general. I really hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I did making it and editing it. There is one last one to go and this next one is a good one. It is with the cracking little fighter Shane Farquharson who took the win over Andy Lofthouse who’s interview you can see here. […]

  2. […] and there was a bit of a concern as to who actually took the win, I know after speaking with Andrew Lofthouse he thought he did enough to take the win. Shane mentioned that he had him where he wanted him, […]

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