//Andy Howson open new gym in Birmingham

Andy Howson open new gym in Birmingham

Andy Howson opens “Science of 8 Muay Thai”

Now it is also sponsored by Sandee!

So, if you don’t know who Andy ‘The Punisher’ Howson is, where the hell have you been hiding? He is the cousin of Liam Harrison and is 5x world champion! He has fought some of the biggest names in the sport and is probably one of the biggest names on the UK Muay Thai scene.

He is known for his explosive power and want for an all out war! He has fought on John Wayne Parr’s CMT (Caged Muay Thai) before, I would love to know how that felt! He worked and coached at Black Widow in Birmingham but he posted a couple of months back that he would be going his own way and beginning his own venture. And so was born – “Science of 8 Muay Thai.”

He has been keeping everyone posted on his Facebook about the journey that he has been going through with this and is somewhere that I hope to go down one day and do a session with him! He announced yesterday that he was now sponsored by Sandee and they would be providing him with all the equipment and stocking a shop there for his students to purchase what they need directly from the gym.

Andy Howson in his new gym sponsored by Sandee
Andy Howson in his new gym sponsored by Sandee

This is what he posted last night: “I’m very excited to be able to break the amazing news that my gym “Science Of 8 Muay Thai” as of today is officially sponsored by none other than Sandee! In the coming months we will be fully kitted out with brand new Sandee equipment, pads,belly shields, bags and very soon will have a fully stocked shop up and running selling all the top equipment. This is an amazing thing not only for myself and my gym but all my current students and any that join in the future! By the time we get fully finished with kitting out the gym it’s going to look amazing I can’t wait. Massive thank you to Shane and all the Sandee guys and also Mr Peter Spensley for the introduction and pushing this and helping me out love ya mate, thanks for everything. Not forgetting a special thanks to Dave Phillips from Legions gym in York who gave me all the current bags we have up which have been an amazing help to us these past few weeks or so, thanks a lot mate. Positive vibes all the way and great things to come for me and my team 🙏🏼”

I wish Andy the very best for the future, of which I am sure will be absolutely fantastic! A fighter and all-round nice guy of that calibre he is set for nothing but success in anything he wants to achieve.

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