Andrew “Mad Dog Miller” Interview

Andrew “Mad Dog Miller” Interview

Everyone starts from somewhere. The origins of a fighter are not that different from other people. Maybe they walk by and see the gym and that’s how they get going. Maybe their father, or mother, or some relative used to fight and so it’s a family tradition. For Andrew Miller it was a friend. What makes a fighter different is their dedication.

“Come on down to the gym my friend said to me. I was 17, 18 years old at the time and went in for one session,” Miller said. “One session turned into 3 sessions a week turned into my first fight after a year of training.”

Andrew Miller Scottish Muay Thai Fighter

Eight years later “Mad Dog” Miller is still at it and has been a long term fighter out of Honour Muay Thai in Pattaya. “I came out here because I saw something that Howard Stamper, the owner of the gym, posted on the Axe forum. He wanted fighters in Thailand and I wanted to fight in Thailand.”

Miller made his way to the seaside resort town and has been going between Thailand and Scotland the last few years. He’s made a name for himself fighting at the back stadiums like Max and MX Extreme along with a 4 Man Tournament with Onesongchai promotions.

Andrew Miller Scottish Muay Thai Fighter

“Fighting at Max was really good. They take care of you. They don’t pit you up against guys you don’t think you have a chance against because they want it to be 50-50. It really helped me create a fan base. I’ve recently gotten a few fights with the new promotion MX. They use small MMA style gloves which I’ve really enjoyed. It feels really raw,” Miller said.

Fighting, training, and making a life abroad has its difficulties and its benefits. “I used to be more of a party boy, but I’ve grown up here in Thailand. You see what I have and what other people have out here and there’s a big difference. I’m learning the language as well. I like the weather and the culture,” he said.

Andrew Miller Scottish Muay Thai Fighter

His maturation is evident in the ring as well with a stunning comeback victory at his recent bout at MX. Thirty seconds into the bout his opponent, Petchair threw an uppercut and cross that downed the Scottish fighter. “He was pushing the pace,” Miller said. “I took the 8 count and tried to relax.” Mouth agape the referee counted him down. The commentators, the audience, everyone thought he would be downed again in just moments. Petchair stood in the neutral corner waiting to come out with a flurry of aggression to down Miller. Miller spat blood onto the ring and Petchair came forward. Leaping forward with a jumping knee the Thai boxer wanted Miller out of the ring. Miller covered up and then followed with an uppercut that had Petchair forget what month it was, what year it was, and what his name was. “I felt good in the fight going into the second – top of the world but when I got downed it was back to the drawing board. Then when I rocked him with that uppercut I was on top of the world again!”

The Scottish fighter is well known for his boxing. “I think my clinching and boxing are my strong suits. I’ve finished 10 or 11 of my matches with my hands.”

Andrew Miller Scottish Muay Thai Fighter

While liking knocking people out with hand boxing Miller isn’t fond of everything about the fight game. “I really dislike running,” he said. “I like clinching, but dislike running.”

Despite his dislike for running Andrew Miller has helped Scotland make huge strides in the world of Muay Thai. “There’s been a lot of growth in the sport recently out of Scotland. Fighters like myself and Jordan Coe out of Lamnammoon’s gym are doing big things.”

Andrew Miller Scottish Muay Thai Fighter

And the big things are coming his way. MX has been in talks with Miller to fight Rungravee Sasiprapra on March 17th. “I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be getting to fight a legend of this sports,” Miler said. “I’ll also have a massive reach over him so I hope to utilize it.”

Miller will need every advtange he has as Rungravee is an explosive piece of dynamite in the ring. With his vicious attacks Rungravee appears to his opponents to be an unstoppable juggernaut. Win or Lose Miller is still on a path as he is also slated to appear on the Battle of the Braveheart, a 10,000 pound 8 man contest. It is this sort of determination that makes Miller one of the leading lights of Scottish Muay Thai.

Andrew Miller Scottish Muay Thai Fighter

“I couldn’t have gotten where I am without the help of other people like Tam Gallacher, Billly Gibson and my mates at Colosseum gym and of course Craig Brolly,” Miller said. The future is bright for the Scottish fighter and if he continues with the same dedication that he’s started with the sky’s the limit.

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